Switzerland Wraps Up Blockchain Leadership Summit

The Blockchain Leadership Summit, held in Zurich ended on March 9. It is now time to draw conclusions from the speeches heard there.
Last Friday, Zurich in Switzerland played host to the Blockchain Leadership Summit, that was coordinated by startup oriented network InnMind and blockchain firm KICKICO, with IBM and Bitfury acting as partners. The keynote speakers were Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Zug authorities member Matthias Michel, also Sergey Glazyev, an adviser President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Prince Michael, who’s the founder and president of geopolitical intelligence Services, stated blockchain was the ideal tool for encouraging and ensuring wealth preservation.

He stressed that Liechtenstein’s financial sector – with of its components like the trustee’s industry, banking industry, capital, insurance, and asset managers – is completely focused on wealth preservation. Blockchain will be of great value given its capability to record information in a manner that is immutable and transparent. The Prince showed that Liechtenstein is ready to develop a crypto-clearing center, something comparable to what Switzerland has in Zug. He said that the country’s regulators had established a so known regulatory laboratory, especially for cryptocurrencies in an effort to supply the right balance of regulation. Prince Michael doesn’t encourage excess supervision in the financial markets.

In Feb, We reported that Crown Prince Alois of Liechtenstein wants to wager blockchain and cryptocurrencies to restore his family’s wealth. On the other hand, the royal family of Liechtenstein is the richest in Europe. Kairat Kelimbetov, governor of Kazakhstan’s Astana International Financial Centre, stated that blockchain was an inevitable trends, whether jurisdictions like it or not. He revealed that Kazakhstan desired to follow countries such as Switzerland and Australia in encouraging new technology And maybe create a blockchain centre focused on the Commonwealth of Independent States. Sergey Glazyev, who’s An economic adviser to Putin, said through a video call that blockchain was an effective tool to fight corruption and fraud.

In addition, he referred to electronic money, unveiling that Russia may unite the traditional form of cash with a few form of electronic currency. This would help users prevent confiscation, political sanctions, theft, or fraud.