BANCA Brings Wall Street Action to Blockchain and Crypto Sphere

The project produces a decentralized cryptocurrency investment community with assistance from AI and blockchain technologies.

Investment banks has been growing steadily over the last century to claim the top spot in the financial world. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, along with other big names of the industry have seized the control over multi billion dollar investment flows as their vast resources permit them to dominate the money allocation process globally. The worldwide financial crisis triggered by Lehman Brothers fall in 2008 made it clear that such too large to fail titans pursue only their very own interests, forcing investors and taxpayers all around the world to suffer from the implications of corporate greed.

Restrictions implemented by regulators following the worldwide crisis have improved the security of the market. Nevertheless, they also have made asset management less effective and rewarding as smaller personal funds have considerably fewer resources for gathering and processing the information necessary for comprehensive market analysis. Since intense power centralization caused acute problems and almost toppled the worldwide financial system, Banca has put together a simple yet strong solution – a decentralized investment banking community supplying equivalent investment opportunities, access to reliable research, and comprehensive market information. The business tries to distance itself from the banking industry, positioning itself as a community based on blockchain.

AI technology implemented on the platform encourage the rating system and automatic direction, with customers determining the best investment opportunities by casting votes to them.

Presently, the platform concentrates on the market segments for digital assets:

– Primary market: OIO, decentralized ICO testimonials, and crypto assets securitization.
– Secondary market and Over the counter market: investment research, financial derivatives for crypto assets, liquidity management, portfolio risk management. The ICO is finished, and now the Bank runs a contest to celebrate the BANCA World Premier Listing. The group has prepared thrilling awards, including a brand new Porsche, a brand new Volvo, iphone X and ETH give away! The traders will be assigned a competition rank based on their BANCA trading volume on a HitBTC account. The more complicated the competition rank, the more impressive the prize you can get.